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6 Pre Launch Emails To Get Your First Sales

6 Pre Launch Emails To Get Your First Sales


If you’re like most of us, you’re probably prepping for a launch. Whether it’s a new product, service or business venture; you need to start building excitement and momentum around your launch with your list.

The best way to do this is by using email marketing as the backbone of your pre-launch campaign. You can use these emails to create some anticipation around your upcoming launch and get people talking about it before they even know what they’re gonna be talking about!


This is your chance to set expectations and give some context. It’s also a good opportunity to connect with your list in a more personal way, so make sure you take advantage of this.

The most important thing about this email is that it should be useful for the reader—they should get something out of it! This can be as simple as a link to the freebie, like mine here, or more complex like a guide on how to use the tool.

It’s also a good idea to ask them for feedback and suggestions on what you could do better—if they feel engaged with your brand, they’ll more likely stick around and buy from you in the future.

Finally, don’t forget about permissions! At least once per campaign I send an email asking my readers if I may continue sending them marketing messages (i.e., emails).


This email should be sent to your subscribers before they receive the actual product. It should contain information about the product and how it will help them, as well as a link to download the freebie.

In this email, you’ll want to:

  • Provide an overview of what’s in store for subscribers who purchase your product (if there is any special bonus content or exclusive offers available)

  • Include what’s included in each part of your course or program (there may be several modules or units) so they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into

  • Remind them once again that if they haven’t purchased yet, you have a special offer available for pre-launch buyers only


The third pre launch email to send is the Relationship Building Email. This is an important email because it’s the last chance you have to grab your subscribers attention before they forget about you and go on with their day.

The purpose of this email is to help you connect with your list in a meaningful way so they will remember who you are when launch day comes around. You want them to know that YOU care about THEM, not just how much money YOU can make from them. Here we will give examples on how to build relationships with your list and what should be included in each relationship building email:

In this email, you should take a step back and talk about why you created the product in the first place.

You could also include a personal story about how you came up with the idea for your product or service.

When you’re talking about the product or service itself, focus on how it will help your subscribers achieve their goals. Talk about how they can use it in their daily lives and what results they should expect when using it.


The pre-launch freebie email is a way to build anticipation for your product. It allows you to show off the brand, build an audience and connect with people on social media. The best part about these emails is that they should be sent out even before you launch your product! This is because it allows your customers/followers/subscribers time to get excited about what’s coming next.

Your pre-launch email should also have a call to action in it. This is what you want your customers/followers/subscribers to do after reading the email. For example, if you are launching a new product then ask them to sign up for the launch list so they can get notified when it goes live. If there’s no action involved then people won’t feel any sense of urgency or value from your email and may unsubscribe as soon as they finish reading it.


For the launch day email, you want to get your list excited and ready to buy. This is your last chance before they are able to see the product in person and make their decision.

Here are 5 steps you can take to ensure success:

  • Include a countdown timer that shows how much time is left until the offer ends. This will help people plan their day around purchasing from you!

  • Remind them of any time-sensitive offers or bonuses that are available only for a limited time.

  • Create urgency by explaining why people should buy now (i.e., this price will increase after launch).

  • Include special offers only available during launch week (i.e., refer a friend and both get 20% off!)

  • Make sure it’s easy for people who want to share the product with others on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter (check out how to make blogs more shareable here); many bloggers like myself also love featuring new products on their blog posts if they’re interesting enough!

Lastly, make sure the product is easy to understand and use. This will help ensure that people get value from it right away. If possible, offer a money-back guarantee in case someone isn’t happy with their purchase.


Once you’ve launched your product or service, send an email to your mailing list. This should be a ‘thank you’ email to everyone who preordered the product or service. You can also send this email to people who have just purchased your product on launch day.

Let them know how much you appreciate their support and tell them what’s coming next for their business (a free webinar, etc.). Don’t forget about those who haven’t purchased yet! It’s important for these people to know why they need what you’re selling so they will buy it from you instead of from someone else.

In this email, ask questions like: Was there anything we could have done better? How can we improve our products or services? What are some features that would make it easier or more beneficial for our customers?

This will help you learn what your audience wants and what they need from your business. You can then use this information to improve your products and services.


We hope that these 6 pre launch emails will help you get your first sales and launch your product to the world. If there is anything we have missed or you would like some more advice then please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to help.

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