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7 Benefits Of Hiring An Expert Website Designer

Websites are essential for small businesses because they provide a ton of online presence. The vast majority of clients and customers use the internet to browse for things they need. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs have already started to notice the benefits of having a website. However, websites are not homogenous in terms of performance.

Websites built by a novice developer can never measure up to ones created by Squarespace website design. Many platforms like Squarespace and WordPress let you create websites with prearranged templates, and that’s usually a step better than making one from scratch for a newbie. But the best option is still to hire an expert. Keep reading to find out why!

7 Benefits Of Hiring An Expert Website Designer

A good website is your most powerful tool to stay ahead of your competition. But you would need to keep it updated with the new features and gimmicks to draw out its full potential.

Doing it yourself can leave many imperfections on your website. On the other hand, an expert can make you something that’ll be better in all aspects. Speaking of experts, you can find plenty of them at squarespace.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get by hiring a Squarespace expert:

  1. Updated SEO Optimization

Most small businesses want their website to act as a platform to draw more clients. At the same time, it’s also an advertising medium. SEO optimization is a fundamental part of such digital marketing because none of those functions work without steady traffic of visitors.

There are countless active websites on the internet at any given time. So your website would never be 100% unique in terms of content, at least to bots. Bots scour all the websites that fit specific keywords and move the most relevant matches to the top.

SEO stands for search engine optimization; it’s like a guideline for website ranking. You need to follow said guidelines to get your website to appear in the top search results. These guidelines change very often with every behavioral upgrade of the bots. And there are quite a lot of details involved.

A novice web developer or a business owner trying to DIY a website will easily miss crucial SEO details. That’s why it would help if you get a professional to do the job instead. Expert website developers always stay updated on the SEO changes and create the website accordingly. Websites with an expert’s touch usually rank higher than others.

  1. Increased Functionality

SEO optimization is just the hidden technical side of website designing. The website itself needs to have enough appeal to keep the visitors engaged. A lot goes into designing a business website to make it look reliable and unique. It needs to leave an excellent first impression and offer easy navigation options.

These days you also need to include some accessibility features. Plugins and action buttons need thoughtful placements. These options also vary depending on your business type. So, you can’t truly optimize it without a lot of experience in this field.

Squarespace developers or expert website designers know those functions like the back of their hands. Experts can easily tune a small business website design and make it look very professional.

  1. Customization Options

Building a website from a template may seem like a practical option, but that heavily limits your uniqueness. Even if you use a template from a good website building platform, it won’t be unique enough. Everything is a collection of presets that even your competitors can use.

Hiring an expert website designer is another story entirely. You can add as many custom options and design tweaks as you see fit. The result is almost sure to have better quality than a self-made one.

On that note, website designing experts also act as objective observers. You may have many ideas about a website, but some might not synergize too well with your business. You might also overlook things that could help your business immensely.

A professional website designer will give suggestions to improve these aspects. It’s an outside perspective with an experienced eye.

  1. Compatibility And Response Speed

Every business needs to compete for people’s attention in this digital marketing era. But the average attention span of a human is now roughly ten seconds at most. So you see that you need to treasure every possible second. Poorly made websites tend to load very slowly. There are also compatibility issues across different platforms.

People usually avoid websites that look sketchy, don’t load fast enough, or have a jittery outline. Most people will look elsewhere if a website doesn’t load within a few seconds. Even I do that.

Getting an expert on board will fix these issues. A web designing expert will use the correct meta tags and structure to make a smooth website. You also won’t have to deal with platform compatibility. Some DIY websites still use the old HTML tags, and they appear broken when opened on mobile devices. You will never have to face it if you hire a website designing expert.

  1. Reliability

Small businesses often rely on websites to generate new leads. That is especially true for local landscaping, handyman service, and similar companies. Hence the website needs reliable performance. If the website crashes or is slow, then many potential clients will look elsewhere for the service.

That’s why you need a website that can perform all the time without any faults. DIY websites generally have many performance issues. Things may look fine on the surface, but different problems can spring up from time to time. It’s also tough to pinpoint any errors without sufficient skills.

That’s another reason to get experts to do your website. At least they will give you something that functions reliably. The turnover you can generate with a good website is far higher than the cost of hiring a professional developer.

  1. Maintenance

Most people think that building a website is a one-time thing. They believe that it’ll stay like that for all time. But in reality, websites are dynamic platforms. They need to change with the new structural upgrades of the internet. Recent trends always hit the internet the hardest, so modern websites need to adapt quickly.

This is where hiring an expert can make your life infinitely easier. A self-built website generally has many performance issues, and they are notoriously hard to upgrade beyond their initial design. But a website developed by an expert is another matter entirely.

A competent website designer also offers maintenance services. They will help you keep your website caught up on trends and add any essential features when they arrive. It’s also easier to upgrade a high-quality website than a DIY one since the former has a more solid foundation.

  1. Saves Time

In all honesty, many people have enough technical competency to build a website from scratch. Others could do it, too, if they researched hard enough. Web design for small businesses isn’t hard to do, but not if you are the owner. As a small business owner, you already spend most of your time on projects and new orders.

Very few people can take the time to do web development research to build a website. Creating a new website with a Squarespace theme or preset templates requires less hassle. But that’s still more time-consuming than customizing a Skyrim character. It’s a time-eating project, and most people don’t have that kind of time.

Letting a website designer do it will save you both time and energy. You can easily find web design services for small businesses online and save a lot of time. Some developers also offer small business web design packages for startups.

How Can I Help?

If you’re wondering where you can find one of these experts, send me a message. I happen to be an expert in the web development field and am passionate about creating fun, creative, and functional websites that reflect you and your brand.

I have over 10 years of experience in web design and development. And most importantly, I love helping small businesses develop their online persona. Especially those that can’t handle the massive price tag of making custom websites. Take a look at my portfolio and you should get an idea of what you can expect working with me. Can’t wait to hear from you!


A good website built by an expert is a long-term investment. Sure, the initial cost might leave a sizable dent in your pocket, but it will help you gain more business opportunities. Custom websites from Squarespace designs also look objectively better than DIY projects.

It seems more trustworthy to your customers. Clients will associate credibility with your website’s quality since it is your company’s representation. The performance-related upgrades I mentioned earlier also help build a good image for your company—first impressions matter in every business. So, getting an expert to create that impression is well worth the cost.

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