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Case Study: Arty’s Sweet Talk Cupcakes


Arty’s Sweet Talk Cupcakes is a local, black-owned, and women-owned cupcake boutique in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This case study will explore the different categories that make up this brand and website.


Arty’s Sweet Talk Cupcakes specializes in cupcakes, cakesicles, and boozy cupcakes. They offer a variety of flavors, including gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free options. The website also features a menu that displays the different types of cupcakes available, along with their prices. The products are freshly baked daily and can be ordered online for delivery in and around Milwaukee.

Customer Testimonials:

The website features several customer testimonials that speak to the quality of the products and customer service. Customers appreciate the moist and flavorful cupcakes, the affordable prices, and the community involvement of the baker. The testimonials help to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Brand Identity:

Arty’s Sweet Talk Cupcakes has a distinct brand identity as a local, black-owned, and women-owned business that puts love into every creation. The website features images of the cupcakes and the baker, which helps to create a personal connection with the brand. The brand also caters to those with dietary restrictions, such as vegans, gluten-free, and diabetics, which shows inclusivity and accessibility.

Website Design:

The website has a simple and clean design that is easy to navigate. The different categories of cupcakes are clearly displayed, along with their prices. The website also features an online ordering system that makes it convenient for customers to place an order. The website design reinforces the brand identity and helps to create a positive user experience.


Arty’s Sweet Talk Cupcakes is a successful cupcake boutique that has built a strong brand identity and reputation in Milwaukee. The different categories of cupcakes, the customer testimonials, the brand identity, and the website design all contribute to the success of the business.

By catering to a variety of dietary restrictions and providing high-quality customer service, Arty’s Sweet Talk Cupcakes has built a loyal customer base and a strong community presence.

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