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Case Study: Market Carolinas Real Estate

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Market Carolinas Real Estate is a real estate agency owned and operated by Krystal Long, a licensed realtor who provides assistance to clients in buying and selling properties in the Charlotte area. Krystal is committed to providing her clients with a smooth and enjoyable real estate experience while ensuring they get the most profit possible. The agency’s website is an essential part of her business, which serves as a platform to showcase her services, current listings, and blog posts.


Krystal’s main challenge was to stand out in a highly competitive real estate market and gain the trust of potential clients. She needed to create a professional and modern-looking website that would be easy to navigate, showcase her services and previous accomplishments, and provide essential resources for home buyers and sellers.


Krystal decided to have a website built with a modern design that reflects her personality and style. We chose a color scheme that matched her branding and used high-quality images of the Charlotte area and her work to showcase her services. The website features a navigation menu that is easy to use, allowing visitors to find what they need quickly. Krystal’s expertise is highlighted throughout the website, and her website now emphasizes her dedication to helping her clients every step of the way.

The website’s homepage features a personal introduction to Krystal, which humanizes her brand and helps visitors feel more connected to her as a person, not just a real estate agent. The site also includes a blog section with various topics related to home buying and selling, which helps establish Krystal as an industry expert and provides valuable resources for her clients.


Krystal’s website has been successful in promoting her real estate services, attracting new clients, and standing out in the highly competitive real estate market in the Charlotte area. The website has improved her online presence and brand image, and her services have become more visible to potential clients. Krystal has also been able to use her website to stay in touch with clients and provide them with the latest news and resources related to real estate.


Krystal’s website has played an essential role in her real estate business, allowing her to showcase her services, connect with potential clients, and establish herself as an industry expert. Her website’s modern design, easy navigation, and informative content have helped Krystal stand out in a highly competitive market, attract new clients, and build trust with her existing clients.

Krystal’s website is an excellent example of how a well-designed website can enhance a business’s online presence, establish credibility, and promote services effectively.

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