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Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

So you’re thinking about hiring or DIY’ing a website for your small business? You’re probably looking around, weighing your options, and trying to decide if you want to go with a Squarepsace or WordPress theme, or if you should bite the bullet and hire a small business web design company. You may even be deciding whether or not a website is worth the investment. Well, here are five reasons your small business needs a website and why it’s worth the return on your investment.

1. A Website Helps Your Dream Clients Find You

What’s the first thing you do when you’re looking for a specific product or service online?

I bet the first thing you do is Google a few specific keywords or phrases.

Thousands of people do the same thing. Many of them are looking for the exact service you provide or the exact product you’re selling which is great! You have an audience… except…

If you don’t have a website then you won’t be popping up in search results. That’s a lot of potential clients lost.

You need a website and a bit of knowledge around SEO to get in front of your audience, or you need to hire someone that does.

2. A Website Adds Credibility To Your Small Business

There’s something about a carefully crafted website carrying more weight than your standard social media accounts.

Anyone can post anything online. The same can be said for websites, but you can more easily tell what is a legit business and what is not. A website is also only focused on your business and what you provide.

With a good website, your audience will immediately know what to expect from you, building that relationship and trust, and increasing the odds that they will buy your products and book your services.

Guess what else credibility gets you? You’ll be able to charge what you’re worth for your services.

A well done website, pays for itself.

3. A Good Website Saves You Time

You can’t be available to your clients and customers 24/7, but your website can.

It can take orders, aswer questions, book phone calls, sell products, and more!

This can all be done while you spend time with your family, friends, and even sleep!

Having a website ensures your customers are taken care of day and night and helps you achieve that work life balance we all strive for.

4. A Website For Your Small Business Builds Trust

A website can answer any questions your audience might have, without you having to write a single email. 😉

FAQ’s, detailed product descriptions, and client testimonials are a few really great ways to reassure your dreamy audience that you’re the person or business that they should investing in. 🥰😍

5. A Website For Your Small Business Will Always Be There For You

I don’t think I need to remind anyone of the social media blackout of October 2021. The world was in a frenzy and honestly… I didn’t notice until the next day. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tbh, I didn’t include social media as part of my strategy until December 2021, and I was missing out on tons of opportunities, just like you’d be if you only operated on one platform. (I mean… imagine if you lost that platform to a ban, blackout, or it got sold.)
So what did I do during the blackout? Answered a couple inquiries and worked on making a client site mobile friendly.
I did this through the varying funnels that ultimately lead to my website and building my mailing list.
Because you own it, a website can never be taken away from you.

The End

I hope this insight helps you in your small business website adventures. Thanks for joining me. Until next time!
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