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Trending Fonts Used In Website Design

Trending Fonts Used In Website Design

When it comes to web design, fonts can be a crucial part of conveying a message. Fonts are no exception. In fact, they’re perfect for creating an emotional connection with your audience. This article will introduce you to 10 trending fonts used in web design and provide examples of how each font is being used:

Bickham Script Pro

Bickham Script Pro is a font with a calligraphic feel. It was originally designed by Randy K. Bickham in 1991, but was redesigned from the ground up in 2018 by Frederik Geyen and published on his website as an open source font named after its original designer. The new version of Bickham Script Pro has been optimized for use online, making it one of the most popular scripts used today.

Deftone Stylus

Deftone Stylus is a script font that can be used in web design to create a vintage or retro feel. It can be used for body text, headings and logos – although it’s best suited to the latter two purposes.

Deftone Stylus is perfect for female entrepreneurs who want a professional but fun-looking logo.

Great Vibes

Great Vibes is a great script font to use for a feminine brand. It’s easy to read, and it’s perfect for trendy brands that want to create an image of being fun and happy. If you’re looking for a script font that conveys femininity and energy, Great Vibes is definitely the right choice!


Lobster is a decorative and elegant script font. This font was created by Silas Dilworth, a graphic designer from Buffalo, New York. Lobster comes with a full set of alternative characters to choose from.

It is perfect for logos, branding, packaging, product designs, social media posts, advertisements, and more.

Poiret One

Poiret One is a font that was designed by Vernon Adams in 2014. The font has a casual feel, but it also has a vintage style to it. It’s been used on logos, posters and other graphics.

Poiret One is a display typeface that is best used for headlines or short phrases because of its large letterforms and thin strokes – although it can easily be used for longer text as well if you need to go big with something!


Monoton is a font that is bold and friendly. It’s a good font for headlines, but not for body text. Monoton is best used in a logo or headline.


Pacifico is a script font family with an elegant and modern feel. Pacifico comes in 3 weights, allowing you to create beautiful designs using this typeface. The thin version is great for logos or brand names, while the regular weight can be used for headings on your website or social media channels. The bold version of Pacifico looks stunning when used as a paragraph font on your website, although it might not be the best choice if you want to create body copy text with this font family because it can sometimes appear too thin compared to other more traditional serif fonts like Times New Roman or Georgia

Dancing Script

This script font is a cursive font, which means it looks like handwriting. The letters are connected and have slanted tops, but they are not too decorative or ornate. This makes it a fun and modern font that can be used in any design project. It is especially popular for branding work, as well as logos and print ads.

Different fonts can have different tones and are not interchangeable.

Fonts can be used in many different ways. Each font has a distinctive tone and feel, so use them wisely to create the right mood for your project. You can use fonts to give an elegant and refined feel, or even make it look modern and cool. A good example is how fonts are used on websites like this one.

Choose the right typeface for your project by looking at its history, style, characteristics and context of use in design projects around the world today!


As you can see, there are many different fonts available that can be used in your website design. Each one has a unique feel and style and can bring something special to your website.

You need to choose wisely when picking the right font for your project because it will make or break how your audience feels about it.

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